MONUMENT MERCH is the merchandising division of MONUMENT PRODUCTIONS LLC.  We offer the latest merchandise of these projects such as T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Hoodies and more from our Entertainment library.

At Monument Productions, we believe in powerful content and visionary creativity. Our model is to bring Entertainment, in its many forms... to life.  

In a world with too much noise, we strive to honor the essence behind Old Hollywood: a time when Entertainment demanded integrity, artistry, & a touch of Magic.

Our 360 degree platform supports the artist in all of us, from original scripted audio series, talk shows, unfiltered news, music, education, short form entertainment, Feature Films, television, and more!

Our selective shows are designed by professionals, notable filmmakers, celebrities, writers, musicians, and more!

Together, we develop a masterpiece made available on multiple platforms, speaking to the artist and child in all of us.



Welcome to your MONUMENTAL FAMILY!